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  THE CRYSTAL KEY 2: The Far Realm
   (Ook bekend als: Evany: Key to a Distant Land)

Uitgever: The Adventure Company/2004
Ontwerper: Kheops Studio

-- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP - 600 MHz Pentium III of gelijkwaardig - 64 MB RAM - 32 MB DirectX compatible 3D videokaart - DirectX 6 compatible geluidskaart - 16x CD-ROM drive (24x aanbevolen)

Platform: PC

Categorie: Science fiction, fantasie, vreemde myst-achtige wereld, 1ste persoon.

Your quest for the Crystal Key will take you on another incredible adventure. Your intellect and intuition will be your greatest allies as you journey through breathtaking worlds filled with beauty, mystery and technological wonders. Embrace the challenge as you carefully examine and solve each puzzle along your path. New secrets lie waiting to be unlocked by those who possess the Crystal Key




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