S P E L - I N F O



Uitgever: Access Software/1990
Ontwerper: Access Software

-- MS-DOS 3.0 or higher 8088/8086 processor 640 KB RAM MCGA, VGA display Adlib, MSound, PC Speaker (Tweaked), PS/2 Speech Adapter, Sound Blaster

Platform: PC

Categorie: Mysterie, moord, CIA, spion, Turkije, 3de persoon, muis- en toetsenbordbesturing.

You're American agent Mason Powers and you've just intercepted an ultra secret message about an international terrorist group. Just as you're about to brief CIA Section Chief, Frank McBain, everything goes black. and you wake up in a remote prison hospital in Turkey. with no memory of what happened and charged with the murder of Frank McBain. Je kunt in dit spel doodgaan en bovendien wordt van je verwacht dat je het binnen 96 uur uitspeelt.




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